About us

             Hi, my name is Kaitlyn and I am the owner of 15th Avenue Boutique I started this business

because I have always had a love for fashion and helping style other women. In middle school, I started

selling my clothes that I didn't wear on a website called Vinted. Then Poshmark came out and I began using

that full time, I was selling not only my clothes but also my family’s clothes when mine ran out and when

that ran out, I would go thrift store shopping to find more. Later, I decided to turn my love for all things

fashion into my full-time career and opened 15th Avenue.

             My goal behind 15th Avenue is to be able to make every woman feel and look beautiful in the clothes

they wear. I love that I can offer these things to women at such an affordable price!

Here’s to many years of keeping women looking and feeling great in their trendy clothing! 🥂            

Thank you for supporting me and my dream.

- Kaitlyn